• Top 10 time management tips

    Top 10 time management tips Time is precious so get organised and use it wisely Time management can become an issue for many of us at work and at home. So many people have ‘to-do’ lists on which there are jobs that never seem to get done. In fact, often, ‘to-do’ lists seem to get longer rather than shorter. However, there are ways of making your ‘to-do’ list more manageable. 1. Prioritise Identify the tasks that are most important or most urgent and focus your energy on these first. Once you have marked the ‘must do’... Read more
  • Looking for something new? Try ‘Career Pivoting’

    Looking for something new? Try ‘Career Pivoting’ Need a new direction? Its not as hard as it may seem to Career Pivot. You are probably unfamiliar with the term ‘Career Pivoting’; however, it is something that can help many of us to achieve satisfaction in our working lives. Often, people make a decision early on in their lives on what they wish to do. However, sometimes that career does not always live up to expectations. In previous generations, it was expected that you entered a career and worked within that career for your whole life,... Read more
  • Achieving a work-life balance is key to success

    Achieving a work-life balance is key to success Does work blur into your free time? Need a change? Nowadays, it seems increasingly common for people to allow work to take over their lives. This, however, is not healthy and can lead to a wide range of problems. These can range from health problems such as depression and anxiety, to the breakdown of families. A poor work-life balance can also affect your performance at work and lead to you losing a job. There are a number of things you can do to manage your work-life balance. Below are our... Read more
  • Where to begin when starting out

    Where to begin when starting out Starting out can be tough but put the foundations in place early and staying positive will give you a head start. All of us, at some point in our lives, think: “what do I really want in life?” Most of us would love to win the lottery; most of us don’t win the lottery. All of us want happiness, and as most of our time is spent at work; therefore, we need to ensure that we are happy in our jobs, but we also need to be happy in ourselves. Throughout our lives we develop personally and it is important... Read more
  • Achieve ‘greatness’, like Princess Charlotte

    Achieve ‘greatness’, like Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte, what is she destined for? As the country celebrates the birth of the latest Royal baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, we should perhaps reflect on the potential for all of us to achieve greatness in our lives. Whilst Prince George and his baby sister find themselves born into a positions of ‘greatness’, we should remember that even the Royals can fail, but there is nothing to say that we can all achieve the admiration of others though hard work and determination. Kate Middleton,... Read more